Service and Events

As ISH students, we strive to serve our community. This is also one of the main focuses of our conference. Throughout the year, we hope to create events that will not only serve the community but also bring our community together. All the service events and photos will later be posted here. Seeing as we are back into lockdown, we have made the decision to hold informal conversations for delegates to meet beforehand. These conversations still serve the community by spreading awareness of human rights violations. 

Foodsharing Copenhagen

Throughout the summer, the organizing team of ISHMUN decided that they wanted to volunteer at Foodsharing Copenhagen. They wanted this conference to be based around helping the community so they thought that it would start with them


Human Rights Conversations 

Throughout  the months, we have held virtual conversations which target different human rights violations in hopes to spread awareness. Our first Conversation took place on 20th January. If you are interested in joining one of the conversations, check the google form to see when the next conversation will take place.

ISHMUN Conference

The conference that will be held by International School Of Hellerup will take place 10th to 12th June 2021. The conference will take place virtually on AirMeet and will be about Human Rights